What is a BBS?

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The image above reflects a typical ANSI/Dos screen.  To access this you need a telnet program.  If you want to see what it is like please click on SyncTerm Install button. . Accept the defaults.

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Phone: 972-839-9551

Fax: 972-285-7032

E-mail: Ruben.Figueroa@rdfig.net

RDFIG Computer Solutions is a sole proprieter business.  I provide IT solutions for the small business owner and residential customers.  Typical repairs of computers and laptops including virus and malware cleaning and other services are provided such as sales,  network setup and trouble shooting.  I also provide Remote Desktop support. 

Before the Internet was common there were BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems).  Just as the internet, available were messaging, chats, games and file downloads.  Install SyncTerm if you do not have a telnet program already and click on the Telnet login button.


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the BBS Xchange
the BBS Xchange

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