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This Web Site is Dedicated to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and my beloved loving wife Ana Velia, I will see you in heaven!
The Web Links listed below are personal family links I keep handy.  Some are links to my Wife and Dad who have passed away and are in memory of them.  Other links listed below are web sites I have designed or of interest to me.
? Ana’s Memorial ? Dad’s Memorial FigTronix FigTronix Community Links Dallas Cooler Service Seagoville FCU Links for Kids
Web Pages I found Useful If you are a novice computer users please be careful using these sites.  Some expertise and knowledge of Windows is recommended.  Please send me an email if you have a question concerning the following Web Sites.
Bleeping Computer NirSoft Windows Sysinternals BeLarc Advisor BeLarc Advisor BeLarc Advisor Microsoft Internet Security